Castles Board Game

Castles Board Game

Our all-time best seller!

Castles Board Game is a very addictive tile based board game. In the game players try to build castles, roads and churches to earn points. But the resources are limited! You need your peasants to make sure you score points. When the tiles run out, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Setup a new game

To setup a new game, you tap 'New Game' in the main menu. Then you tap 'Local' (or 'Network' if you want to setup a game through the Game Center). In the next menu you tap on the player's name to change the name. By tapping the icons to the right of the name, you define whether a player is a human player or a computer player. If both the icons are black, the player does not take part in the game. In the video clip you get a quick overview of the game.

How to play

As soon as you tap the arrow to start the new game, the app loads a deck of 72 tiles. Available positions for the tile placement are shown as semi transparent tiles. By tapping the rotation symbol on the tile holder (top right) you can rotate the tile to see other positions. Tap a semi transparent tile to choose where to place the newly drawn tile. If you have changed your mind, tap again on the tile and you can choose another position. Otherwise you tap the tick symbol on the tile holder (top right) to confirm the placement. Now you are shown the options for placing a peasant (if you have peasants left). You tap the outlined peasant on the tile you just placed and confirm by tapping the tick again in the tile holder (top right). Now it is the next player's turn.

Scoring points

During the players' turns, castles, churches and roads are scored when they are completed. Castles and roads are completed when they contain no unfinished edges from which they may be expanded. Churches are completed when they are surrounded by eight tiles. At the end of the game, when there are no tiles remaining, all incomplete features are scored.

Points are awarded to the players with the most peasants in any given feature, all of the tied players are awarded the full number of points.

For churches, castles and roads, points are awarded for the number of tiles covered by the feature.

  • Churches score one point per neighboring tile (including the tile with the church itself).
  • Roads score one point per tile in the feature
  • Castles score one point per tile and one point per shield. If the castle is completed before the end of the game, the score for the castle is doubled.
  • Fields score points based on the number of completed castles bordering the field. Each completed castle counts for three points.

When a feature is scored during the game, all of the peasants on that feature are returned to their owners.