Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle

Beat the high score of your friends in the Game Center!

Block Puzzle is a game where you place blocks of different shapes and sizes unto a 12 by 12 square. You only have 15 seconds to place the shapes that come three at a time. When you complete a row or column, you score 1 point for each block in that row or column. You also get the seconds left after placing the three blocks as points added to your score.

Game Center

Every time you break your personal record, your new high score is added to the leaderboard of 1212! in the Game Center. Open the Game Center app to see a list of the top scores achieved, or challenge your friends to beat your score! You can also earn achievements and Game Center points by reaching certain scores.

Shapes and Colors

There are 11 different shapes, all with their unique color. They come in random order, so sometimes you just need to be lucky! But getting to know which color is which shape helps you to quickly recognize what shape it is by the color.