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Battery Charge Alarm

Prevent battery overcharging

Battery Charge Alarm is an app that helps you charge your device to a specific battery level. You can set an alarm that will go off when the device is charged to the desired level. This is completely adjustable through an intuitive user interface, matching iOS design guidelines.

Setting an alarm

After opening the app, you can set the slider to the battery percentage at which you want the alarm to sound. Then all you need to do, is tap the 'Set Alarm' button and wait for your device to reach the desired charge level.

Automatically set alarm when plugging in device

If you have removed ads from the app, you can also setup an automation in the Shortcuts app. This allows you to automatically set the battery charge alarm when you plug in your device. Just follow the steps under 'Shortcut integration' below to get this setup.

Shortcuts integration

Before we set up the Shortcuts integration, it's important that you have tapped 'Remove ads' in the Battery app and have successfully paid for this in-app purchase. After that, you need to tap the 'Set Alarm' button at least once, before opening the Shortcuts app.

Now that you're ready to setup the integration in the Shortcuts app, make sure you have the Shortcuts app installed on your device. You can download this from the App Store for free. This guide assumes you are on iOS 14. If you are on a lower version of iOS, please update to iOS 14 first.

1. Open the Shortcuts app

2. Navigate to the 'Automation' tab

3. If you have setup other automations, tap the '+' button in the top right corner. If you haven't setup automations before, go to the next step.

4. Tap the 'Create personal Automation' button.

5. Scroll down in the list of options that appears and tap on 'Charger'.

6. Make sure 'Is Connected' is selected, then tap 'Next'.

7. Tap the 'Add Action' button.
8. Tap the search bar and type 'Battery'.
9. Select the 'Battery' app icon under 'Apps'.
10. On the screen that slides up, tap on the 'Play Alarm Sound When Battery Is Full' option.

11. Make sure that on the screen that appears, the 'Show When Run' switch is off. If this switch is on, the alarm will only work if you interact with the notification that appears when you plug in your device whilst it's locked.

12. Now tap 'Next'.
13. If you don't want to be asked everytime if you want to run the automation, you can disable this by tapping the 'Ask Before Running' switch. In the pop-up that then appears, choose 'Don't Ask'.
14. Now you can tap the 'Done' button, everything is set up.
15. Next time you plug in your device, you will see a notification from the Shortcuts app saying it's running the automation. 



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