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Shop List Pro

Keep track of your stock!


Shop List Pro is an app that helps you keep track of what you have got in your cupboards at home. It automatically creates a shopping list for you based on how many items you have left. Change stock items simply by scanning the barcode or browse through your stock, sorted by categories.

Entering new stock items

The first thing you need to do after installing Shop List Pro, is enter your stock. Once you have entered your current stock it will be a breeze to update it. To enter a new item, tap on the 'Update Item' tab. Tap on 'New Item' in the top left corner of the screen. Scan the barcode of the product and enter the details. Tap 'Update' to save it.

Auto generation

By specifying how much minimum stock you want per item, Shop List Pro makes sure that all items that are too low on stock are added to the 'Shopping List'. When you buy one of the shopping list items, all you need to do is tap the item and update the number of items in stock. Tap 'Update' to save.

Stock management

In the tab 'Stock' you can see the whole list of stock, including items that you don't have in stock anymore. The number of items in stock is displayed under the name of the group. If you don't want certain items to appear in the 'Shopping List' anymore, you tap on an item and tap 'Delete Item'.

Whenever you start using a product from your stock, you scan the barcode in the 'Update Item' tab. Tap on the '-' button next to 'Stock'. Tap 'Update' and the new number of stock is saved.