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Combine THREE

A challenging card game!

Combine THREE is a challenging card game where you combine three cards, based on the color, shape, shading and number of shapes. A combination is valid if each of these four features are all the same or all different. Keep your brain going with this card matching game!

Setup a new game

Whether you want to start a new single player game ('Combine 3' tab) or a new multiplayer game ('Multiplayer' tab), you simply tap 'New Game' in the top left corner. In the single player mode, new cards are dealt immediately. In the multiplayer mode, you can now select the players and edit their names. Tap 'Start Game' and the game begins with 12 cards placed on the screen.

How to play

As soon as you find a combination of three cards, you tap the three cards. If the combination was valid, the cards will be collected. Otherwise the cards will zoom out and pop back into their original place. If you can't find a valid combination, you can ask for three extra cards by tapping 'Deal 3 Extra Cards' (bottom left corner), or you can ask for a hint by tapping 'Hint' (bottom right corner).

Valid combinations

Each card has four characteristics:

  • it's color (blue, pink or orange)
  • it's shape (double oval, double square or spearhead)
  • it's shading (solid, dotted or no shading)
  • the number of shapes it has (one, two or three)

A combination of three cards is valid if for each of these characteristics, all three cards have the same, or all three cards have something different.

Examples of valid combinations are:

  • Card 1: 2 Blue Filled 'double oval' shapes

Card 2: 1 Blue Dotted 'double oval' shape

Card 3: 3 Blue Outlined 'double oval' shapes

  • Card 1: 1 Pink Filled 'double square' shape

Card 2: 1 Blue Filled 'double square' shape

Card 3: 1 Orange Filled 'double square' shape

  • Card 1: 1 Pink Dotted 'spearhead' shape

Card 2: 2 Orange Outlined 'double oval' shapes

Card 3: 3 Blue Filled 'double square' shapes


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