All Capitals of the World


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All Capitals of the World

Geography made interactive!


'Visit' the capitals of the world in this map based app. Select a continent and a capital city and 'All Capitals of the World' navigates you to the location. It adds a picture of the capital to the map. A nice interactive way of learning geography!

How does it work

The app shows a map and 'flies' you to the capital of your choice. You can learn all the 200+ names of the capitals, together with the countries and continents in which they are located. Once you 'arrive' at the capital of your choice, a photo is put on the map. You can enlarge this photo by clicking on it.


On the iPad you can get the photos of several cities on screen at once. By zooming out and moving around you can see where the capitals are located on the map. You can dismiss the photos by pressing long: an X appears on each of the displayed photos. By clicking on the X the photo is dismissed.


The photos that are shown in this app are found by the Google Search engine and are loaded from the original source. Neither Google nor Bart's App Store own the copyright for these photos.